Year 4

We love being able to participate in Golden Time on a Friday. It is a chance for us to cooperate together and spend time doing something we love. During the week and during Golden Time we reflect on the Golden Rules.
Read over the Golden Rules and ask your child what Golden Rules they used during the day and at lunch time.

Golden Time

Click on our video to see our Gospel performance for Mass this week :) 

Using our devices to help us locate information :)

Another Friday Golden Time- trying to get the most of the warm weather outside!

SNAPPED! Part of being a Middle Hub student is being an independent learner and taking responsibility for your own learning. Year 4 students have this sussed at inquiry time :) Here are some students I snapped working on their inquiries before school :)

Some pictures taken during Circle Time this week. Each session has a particular focus. During this session we were focusing on 'anger' and in these photos we are playing a game- practising our calm down strategies. PAUSE, BREATHE AND SMILE.

Remind your children to PAUSE, BREATHE AND SMILE  in situations at home and in the weekends to help them independently apply these at school :)

This week we had the giant Year 8's come to visit us to exchange our learning.

Cooperation, consideration and respect...

Here are some snaps taken during Golden Time on Friday. We had a fun well deserved time together. Well done Year 4 :)

Here we are learning about ratio's using our whiteboards! Tricky business but we never give up!

  We have some new encyclopedia's in the classroom!

Some action photos during one of our Circle Time sessions. Here we are learning about cooperation, respect and consideration during our tangled activity in the hall :)

Some of our Year 4's snapped hard at work learning about patterns and sequencing during Maths!

We have been learning all about the different individuals in our classroom, and the different connections and similarities we have to each other. Below are some photos of us trying to find connections to each other! 

Welcome parents and whanau to our classroom blog 😄

This section will specifically relate to the Year 4 students. As the school year goes on photos, videos, examples of work etc. will be posted on this page to keep you up-to-date on our learning and going-ons in the classroom. 

As a class we will look at our blog each week to view comments and conversations from our audience. We hope you come on board by joining in and contributing to this page. 

Sessions to familiarise yourselves using a blog on computer/ipad/phone etc. can be provided my myself (Anna Mulholland)- it does not take long.

We welcome all constructive feedback. Please let us know if you would like to see anything else added to this page to keep you best informed.

Very excited about being part of your child's learning this year!
Anna Mulholland.